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László Gadár
email: lgadar@gmail.com
mobile: +36 30 2578800

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I currently work at Innopod Solutions as a consultant, research expert. I have mainly quantitative and qualitative research projects that used in organizational development. I like to observe things, collect ideas, search relationships, find root problem and essentials to solve it.

As I see every science become data science. That’s why I started to learn data science several years ago. I began to work on a great research project as Ph.D. work in University of Pannonia about education to work transition (supervised by Prof. Janos Abonyi). Details in this page

My areas of interest in data science are network science, clustering, recommender systems, machine learning. The most analytical problem I solve with R. I started this blog to share a part of my findings in R programming as my spare time allows.

Life long learning

I decided that as far possible I always study in an online course to develop my knowledge. So far I accomplished courses below.

Data Analysis for Social Scientists (Edx.org)
Esther Duflo, Sara Fisher Ellison at MIT
in progress

High-Dimensional Data Analysis (Edx.org)
Rafael Irizarry at Harvard University
in progress

The analytics edge (Edx.org)
Allison O’Hair, Dimitris Bertsimas at MIT
Completed on July 5, 2016
without certificate

Data Analysis for Life Sciences 3: Statistical Inference and Modeling for High-throughput Experiments (Edx.org)
Rafael Irizarry at Harvard University
Completed on April 18, 2016
Honor code certificate

Data Analysis for Life Sciences 2: Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra (Edx.org)
Rafael Irizarry at Harvard University
Completed on December 14, 2015
Honor code certificate

Data Analysis for Life Sciences 1: Statistics and R (Edx.org)
Rafael Irizarry at Harvard University
Completed on December 14, 2015
Honor code certificate

Introduction to R (Edx.org)
Filip Schouwenaars, Datacamp
Completed on September 4, 2015
Honor code certificate

Developing data product (Coursera. com)
Brian Caffo, Jeff Leek, Roger D. Peng at John Hopkins University
Completed on June 4, 2015
Statement of accomplishment

Statistical learning (Lagunita.stanford.edu)
Trevor Hastie, Rob Tibshirani at Stanford University
Completed on April 8, 2015
Statement of accomplishment

Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (Coursera.com)
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel at Duke University
Completed on November 10, 2014

Introduction to data science (Coursera.com)
Bill Howe at University of Washington
Completed on October 10, 2014
Statement of accomplishment

Core Concepts in Data Analysis (Coursera.com)
Boris Mirkin at Higher School of Economics
Completed on June 30, 2014